Driver Safety Programs

St. Petersburg College offers driver improvement safety courses online through Whether you received a ticket, need to get your first license, or comply with a court order, SPC offers: Basic Driver Improvement ($35 online), Advanced Driver Improvement ($99 online), and Learner's Permit Course ($35 online).

Driver Improvement Traffic School Courses are approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
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Basic Driver Improvement

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If you just received a traffic ticket for a moving violation or were ordered to take a TCAC class, you can keep points off your driving record and prevent an increase in your auto insurance premium by taking the four-hour course online.

Take the course online at Ticket for a fee of $35.

Advanced Driver Improvement

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The Advanced Driver Improvement course is an online 12-hour seminar combining positive and practical teaching, whether individuals lost their license due to excessive points or habitual traffic offenses, or were court-ordered to complete the course.

Take the course online at Ticket for a fee of $99.

Learners Permit Courses


Anyone who wishes to apply for a driver's license who has never been issued one in the state of Florida or any other jurisdiction must take a four-hour Drug and Alcohol Education/Learner's Permit Course. Students successfully completing this class will receive a certificate that must be returned to the driver’s license office before they can receive a license.

Take the course online at Ticket for a fee of $35.

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