High Liability Training


Specialized and advanced high liability training is offered at Southeastern Public Safety Institute - SEPSI. Instructor certification in firearms, defensive tactics and police driving is also offered. Graduates become eligible to teach in the basic recruit academies.

Training Details

Ambush Tactics - The training is designed for uniform patrol officers and uniform specialty units. Officers must be prepared both mentally and physically for any type of violent encounter, including trauma care. This course is a hands on scenario based course. The course is designed in two sections. The first section is designed to demonstrate to the officer solid tactics both mentally and physically when dealing with sudden, unexpected, violent encounters. The second section is designed to train with operational lifesaving/ tactical emergency casualty care. Communication is one of the most important factors when dealing with a high stress encounter. The course focuses on the importance of communication during high stress encounters, keeping focused in the present and maintaining a strong, mental winning attitude.

Courtroom Violence - This 16 hour course is designed for officers who work at the court house and officers/investigators who may find themselves at the course house during a violent incident. Those who attend will be provided with lifesaving information as court house violence is exposed and examined. The course examines security specific case studies and video to help examine the criminal thought process. Officers will be shown pre-attack indicators, body language and the connection between mindset and performance. The first part of the training is lecture, the second part is tactical demonstration and role play.


Defensive Tactics Instructor - This 80-hour CJSTC Course, providing the techniques to become a Defensive Tactics instructor, is required for personnel desiring to teach in the Basic Law Enforcement Recruit Academy. Pre-requisite for the course is the 80-hour CJSTC Instructor Techniques. In addition to practical exercises and student presentations, topics include the philosophy of DT, use of Force Matrix, legal issues, motor skills learning and teaching, and performance under stress.

K-9 Team Training Instructor - All techniques of K-9 team training will be taught in this program certification for K-9 Team Training Instructors. Dog and handler selection, K-9 health and first aid, student evaluations, legal issues, techniques for area search and criminal apprehension, handler protection, and common training errors are included. Individuals learn all elements of state standards, testing and certification.

Officer Survival - This 18 hour course is a skill builder course and is mostly scenario based. The course is designed for patrol officers and detectives. Officers are placed in various scenarios and build on techniques for encountering edged weapons, spontaneous attacks, handcuffing, foot pursuits, building searches, attic searches, response to critical incidents and high risk traffic stops.


Police Firearms Instructor - This 44-hour CJSTC Course, providing the techniques to become a Police Firearms instructor, is required for personnel desiring to teach in the Basic Law Enforcement Recruit Academy. Pre-requisite for the course is the 64-hour CJSTC Instructor Techniques. Included in the course are basic shooting principles, officer survival skills, firearms and equipment familiarization, legal issues, range management, and shotgun usage.

Police Vehicle Operator Instructor - This 40-hour CJSTC Course, providing the techniques to become a Police Driving Instructor, is required for personnel desiring to teach in the Basic Law Enforcement Recruit Academy. Pre-requisite for the course is the 64-hour CJSTC Instructor Techniques. The basic principles of safe, defensive driving are emphasized throughout the course, which includes proper driving attitude and good judgment as well as the technical aspects of vehicle maintenance and operation.

Surviving a Waterborne Encounter - The objective of this 16 course is for officers who work around water to have a tactical plan for waterborne encounters. The course will help officers develop survival skills for confrontations occurring in the water. Those attending will become familiar with lifesaving equipment, safe water entries, survival swimming and rescue techniques. Officers will also train in the use of tactical survival skills to include, self-defense, evasion impact weapon deployment, defensive positioning, escapes from deadly force options and shooting from the water. This course is a must for any officer working within the Tampa bay area

Tactical Readiness - This 8 hour course is designed for patrol officers. The first four hours of Tactical Readiness will focus on firearms training, improving firearms skills, and will include the state qualification course. Officers should bring their duty gear, hat and eye protection. Officers attending that would need ammo other than, 9mm, 38cal, 40cal and 45cal should make notification to the training center when registering. The second four hours of training will focus on casualty care. How to tactically rescue an officer and how to medically aid an officer/ first responder who has been seriously injured.

Tactical Response to Off-Duty Encounters - This 18 hour course is designed for all sworn police officers, state attorneys, corrections officers, and sworn command staff members who carry off-duty firearms. The course is lecture and scenario based and is designed to better prepare the attendee for an off-duty encounter. The course covers methods of off-duty carry, mindset, off-duty encounters, liability issues, workmen’s compensation and case studies.

Tactical Training for Narcotic Officers - This three day course is designed for law enforcement officers that are assigned to a narcotics, vice, or tactical investigative unit, or a patrol unit where the member’s primary role is to investigate and apprehend narcotics violators or related serious or violent offenders. The training will focus on the dangers of undercover and tactical operations including search warrants, buy busts, vehicle take downs, and agent rescues. This is a hands-on training course designed with minimal classroom and maximum realistic scenario training. This program gives the student what they need to be mentally and physically prepared for the realities of dynamic arrests, search warrants, and vehicle take downs.

We also we hold HR218 firearms qualification for retirees.

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