Advanced/Specialized Corrections Training
Alcohol Testing, Supplemental Training


Many of the courses provided to detention deputies and others working in corrections are approved by the state Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. The center also takes advantage of the National Institute of Corrections and other government-sponsored video conferencing. Officers working in jails, prisons, probation and parole, as well as support staff, can receive training in:

  • Intoxilizer 8000 training
  • Inmate manipulation
  • Hostage taking in jails and prisons
  • Crisis intervention
  • jail
  • Injury and death investigations
  • Officer survival
  • Youthful offender program
  • Instructor techniques

Training Details

Building and Maintaining a Sound Behavioral Climate - This week-long course provides contemporary managerial/supervisory skill building. Topics presented include behavioral climates, managerial theory and techniques, role behavior, managerial communication, motivation, effective discipline and organizational stress. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

Crisis Intervention for Corrections - This 40-hour seminar covers all aspects of crisis intervention for correctional officers, including crisis diffusion techniques, hostage situations, sources and kinds of stress, and the results of stressors such as abusive behavior. Management techniques for resolution, physical and psychological, are presented. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

Hostage Negotiation for Corrections - This 40-hour course teaches jail/prison officers the principles of disturbance management. Training in the basic concepts of emergency, riot and hostage situations and ideas, techniques and precautions for successful resolution with minimum use of force and the least possible injury/loss of life are stressed. Approved for CJSTC Salary Incentive.

Injury and Death Investigation in Jails and Prisons - This course is designed to enhance the correctional officer's knowledge, skills and abilities in crime scene recognition and management in the jail and prison settings. All aspects of injury and death crime scene management are explained, including the purpose, procedures and specific techniques. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

Instructor Techniques - This 64-hour course enhances the officer's knowledge, skill and ability to provide effective training to fellow criminal justice personnel. CJSTC Approved Specialized Training.

Alcohol Testing Program
Intoxilyzer 8000 Training

The Intoxilyzer training program is designed to enhance public safety by ensuring the accuracy and scientific reliability of evidentiary breath and blood alcohol tests, facilitating enforcement of the implied consent laws under Florida State Chapter 11D-8, and promoting the qualifications and professionalism of persons responsible for breath and blood alcohol analysis within the state of Florida.


Breath Test Operator Course - This 16-hour seminar provides a standardized course of instruction qualifying technicians in the operation of Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000 instruments. Technicians completing the course may obtain a valid permit to operate Intoxilyzer equipment. Intoxilyzer 5000 Certification.

Breath Test Operator Re-Qualification - Technicians with a valid permit must renew every four years in this 4-hour course.

Agency Inspector Course - The Agency Inspector conducts inspections of approved breath test instruments. This 3-day course is for personnel possessing a valid Breath Test Operator permit who wish to become agency inspectors.

Agency Inspector Re-Qualification - Agency Inspectors with a valid permit must renew every four years in this 6-hour course.

Supplemental Training

Service of Non-Enforceable Judicial Process - This 40-hour training series is for individuals who seek an appointment as a civil process server pursuant to Florida State Statute 48.021(2). The curriculum includes an overview of the judicial system, Florida statutes and rules of civil procedures, and the functions of the clerk of the court in a civil action. Participants will learn how to serve process on persons, corporations and other entities, via lecture and scenarios. The various documents involved in the service of process are explained. This is a required course for those seeking appointment in Pinellas and Pasco Counties.

Service of Non-Enforceable Judicial Process Refersher - Duly appointed Process Servers in Pinellas County must renew their appointments annually. A 4-hour refresher course is offered, with updates of materials, statutes and forms.

Animal Control Officer Certification - This certification course is the 40-hour minimum standards training course for animal control officers. The primary objective is producing a highly trained, positively motivated animal control office capable of meeting or exceeding established performance standards. Florida Animal Control Association members receive certificates.

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