Specialized Advanced Law Enforcement Training


Advanced training for law enforcement focuses on theory and practical application of specialized training techniques. Nationally recognized instructors from local law enforcement and across the United States provide this advanced training. Seminars offered include:

  • Sex crimes investigation
  • Supervisory techniques
  • Crisis intervention
  • Child abuse investigation
  • Field training officer
  • Investigative interviews
  • Instructor techniques and Instructor refresher
  • Officer survival skills
  • Water rescue
  • Courtroom testimony
  • Ambush tactics
  • Speed Management for Florida operators.

Training Details

Child Abuse Investigation - This comprehensive 40-hour course covers all aspects of child abuse investigations, including factors that influence child abuse and target children. Injury investigation, a physical and sexual abuse checklist, child interviewing and incident assessment are also covered. Child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and pedophilia are covered, along with child death investigation. Approved by CJSTC for salary incentive.

Crisis Intervention - This seminar is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and ability of law enforcement officers to interact with barricaded subjects, suicidal individuals and persons who are emotionally distraught. The skills and concepts taught in this course have been proven to reduce citizen complaints in that they enhance an officer's ability to communicate with the public. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

CMS Field Training Officer - Developed to enhance the officer's knowledge, skill and ability to provide effective training to fellow criminal justice personnel. This course is designed for the newly appointed or aspiring field-training officer, not the longtime veteran FTO. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

FTO Supervisor - This seminar targets the current and future first-line field-training supervisor and is designed to identify and address issues and concerns in the area of field training. Topics include legal standards continuity of standard evaluation guidelines, documentation and the critical role of the FTO supervisor.

Investigative Interviews - This course provides criminal justice officers with methods and techniques that result in successful and complete investigations. Approved by CJSTC for salary incentive.

CMS Instructor Techniques - Developed to enhance the officer's knowledge, skill and ability to provide effective training to fellow criminal justice personnel. CJSTC Approved Specialized Training. 64 hours.

Leadership Essentials for Contemporary LE - The course is designed for first line supervisors.  The focus of the course is to demonstrate how first line supervisors can develop the ability to inspire greater productivity and performance from those they supervise and to do so by following accepted leadership practices.   Course prerequisite requires that students attending have some supervision experience, working in capacity of corporal, sergeant, detective supervisor, or lieutenant. Participants will take part in leadership case studies analyzing real world leadership issues.

Stress Management Techniques - Be amazed at what your body does when you are stressed and change it. Learn the system that will change your head, and become aware of toxic relationships and learn how to live among them. Discover how to use perspective to change your life. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

speed trap

Speed Measurement - This course is a state-approved course of study, which will provide certification in police radar operation techniques and procedures, as well as courtroom testimony. Approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.

Sex Crimes Investigation - This seminar will provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved and sensitivity required in solving sex crimes. No longer approved by CJSTC for Salary Incentive.


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