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The Public Safety in-Service Program, operating under the Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI) as of January 2013, offers continuing education and career development advanced/specialized training for public safety practitioners and the communities they serve.

Criminal Justice In-Service Programs

The program also manages the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commissions's (CJSTC) Trust Fund budget for Region IX. This budget allows law enforcment agencies the ability to send their local, active law enforcement professionals to crucial, high demand specialized training at no cost.

All courses offered are approved by the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission and may be applied to fulfill mandatory retraining requirements.

Instructors who teach career development training are chosen based on subject matter expertise, advanced knowledge and experience in specialized areas.

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Upcoming training for Law Enforcement

Forensic Victimology - May 27-28, 2015 Trust Funded.  The study of victims is a social science. Forensic Victimology examines victims in the context of forensic and investigative matters. The study of victimology is far more than examining those who have suffered harm or loss. The victimologist must establish, examine and interpret the complexities, relationships and emotions of victims before, during and after the crime.

Surviving a Waterborne Encounter - June 4-5, 2015 for $239.     Watch our class video on the ways we can show you to keep yourself safe: 
The objective of this course is to demonstrate survival skills, especially for law enforcement officers working in an area surrounded by water. There is a small student to instructor ratio, so that every officer regardless of skill level will benefit from this training. Officers attending will become familiar with lifesaving skills.

Our Instructor Courses prepare you to be an CJSTC certified General and/or High Liability instructor.
Join us as we offer FDLE course curriculum and proficiency testing to advance your career.

CMS Firearms Instructor Course, July 6-10, 2015

CMS Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, September 15-25, 2015

Vehicle Operations Instructor Course, December 7-11, 2015

We also offer these other public classes.

Service of Non-Enforceable Judicial Process Basic and Refresher classes.

Basic Driver Improvement Online Course If you just received a traffic ticket for a moving violation or were ordered to take a TCAC class, you can keep points off your driving record and prevent an increase in your auto insurance premium by taking the four-hour course online at Ticket School Online.
Take the course online at Ticket School Online for a fee of $35.

SEPSI Policy regarding Agency reservations for Advanced Specialized Training

The Southeastern Public Safety Institute allows agencies to reserve seating in training classes in advance of the training. Frequently, agencies fail to send their personnel to the training and fail to cancel the seats in a timely manner. This situation creates two problems:
1) Where there is a waiting list for training, the reserved seats go unused; and
2) when enrollment falls below the anticipated minimum number of students needed to pay for the training, this causes a financial loss to St. Petersburg College.
SEPSI In-service Training Advisory Committee voted unanimously to approve allowing SEPSI In-service Program to warn in writing, or charge agencies that failed to either use reserved seating or cancel the reserved seating in a timely manner (16 days prior). View the full policy here.

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