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The Public Safety In-Service Program, operating under the Southeastern Public Safety Institute (SEPSI), offers continuing education and career development advanced/specialized training for public safety practitioners and the communities they serve.

Criminal Justice In-Service Programs

The program also manages the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commissions's (CJSTC) Trust Fund budget for Region IX. This budget allows law enforcement agencies the ability to send their local, active law enforcement professionals to crucial, high demand specialized training at no cost.

All courses offered are approved by the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission and may be applied to fulfill mandatory retraining requirements.

Instructors who teach career development training are chosen based on subject matter expertise, advanced knowledge and experience in specialized areas.

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Upcoming training for Law Enforcement

Surviving a Waterborne Encounter - September 21-22, 2017 now $165 At Bill Jackson's Pool  If you end up in the water by being pushed, on accident, or by choice do you know what to do? What is the best decision?  Swimming away from the threat, using deadly force, or some other option? Don’t wait for it happen to you before you figure it out. You work in an area surrounded by a lot water; natural and man-made.  This training will expose you to real life scenarios and your best options depending on the situation. Officers attending will become familiar with lifesaving skills and officer survival in water.    All skill levels welcome. Watch our class video here.
Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

Tactical Combat Casualty Care - October 6, 2017 for $160   Being under fire and treating traumatic injuries is a worst case scenario, but that can be a reality for first responders at any given time.  This course provides law enforcement as well as training schools with the concepts of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. It creates an understanding on how it directly relates to Police Officers and provides the lifesaving skills required while dealing with potential threats. We establish guidelines as to how, when and where these concepts should be applied.  Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

Injury & Death Investigation - November 13-17, 2017   Injury & Death Investigations is a 40-hour FDLE salary incentive course. This course is designed for patrol officers and new detectives who have limited experience with these investigations. The course will provide insight into investigating the complexity of these types of crimes. The student will understand how to conduct the initial crime scene investigation when a death is involved. There is an attendance policy and those attending will be required to pass a written exam with an 80%. Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

Field Training Officer - December 11-15, 2017 for $398 This course is part of FDLE’s CJSTC Advanced Training salary incentive program is designed to enhance an officer’s knowledge, skills, and abilities for job performance. Through interpersonal communication, learning instruction and other techniques, the student will learn to recognize and apply job survival skills to the newly appointed trainee. This seminar is specifically designed for the newly appointed or aspiring FTO. It is not intended for the veteran FTO. Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

Our Instructor Courses prepare you to be an CJSTC certified General and/or High Liability instructor.
Join us as we offer FDLE course curriculum and proficiency testing to advance your career.

Vehicle Operations Instructor, October 16-20, 2017 for $549. This 40-hour program will provide the attendee with the tools to provide both recruits and active law enforcement personnel with a strong foundation to continue to develop and improve their driving skills while maintaining safe driving habits.  As a driver training instructor, your objective is to teach both basic recruits and veteran officers/deputies of their responsibilities for the safe and efficient operation of motor vehicles both in stressful conditions and routine patrol. Students are required to pass a written test with at least a score of 85%, and successfully demonstrate ALL required skills.  There is a mandatory 100% attendance policy. Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

CMS Defensive Tactics Instructor CJSTC#802- March 12-23, 2018 Trust Fund for Region IX officers until Feb. 23 
The goal of the CMS Defensive Tactics Instructor Course is to train new instructors to teach the CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics course in the Florida CMS Basic Recruit Training Program. Upon completion of this course, instructor students will be eligible for certification by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission as a high-liability instructor qualified to teach Defensive Tactics.
Eligibility Requirements:  Students must be a certified general instructor or in the process of obtaining this certification and have 3 years’ experience as a certified criminal justice officer/deputy or 3 years’ experience in defensive tactics.  Students will be required to pass written examination with minimum 85% and demonstrate proficiencies.    

Instructor Techniques Refresher, August 24, 2017 for $112. This course is part of the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) approved Specialized Training Program. The General Instructor Refresher Course was organized and developed to provide refresher training for instructors who have allowed their certification to expire or did not obtain their General Instructor Certification within four years of completing the Florida General Instructor Techniques Course. Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

CMS Firearms Instructor CJSTC#801 April 2-6, 2018 for $5500.00   
This CJSTC course teaches the techniques to become a Certified Firearms Instructor and instruct the Florida Criminal Justice Firearms course. This is a high liability course and is required for instructors desiring to teach in the Basic Law Enforcement Recruit Academy.  It is highly recommended that you practice shooting the CJSTC Law Enforcement Qualification course before taking the CMS Firearms Instructor course.  Firearms pre-qualification is completed on the first day.  Firearms pre-qualification proficiency of 85% must be achieved and agencies/students that fail to qualify the first day are not eligible for a refund.
Students are required to pass a written test with at least a score of 85%.  There is a mandatory 100% attendance policy.   Please read: "This class is NOT Trust Fund eligible"

We also offer these other public classes.

Service of Non-Enforceable Judicial Process Basic and Refresher classes.

Retiree HR218 Firearms Qualification offered to Florida Residents the first Friday of the month at our indoor range for $78 to shoot one weapon, $95 to shoot two weapons. Read class description.

Basic Driver Improvement Online Course If you just received a traffic ticket for a moving violation or were ordered to take a TCAC class, you can keep points off your driving record and prevent an increase in your auto insurance premium by taking the four-hour course online at Ticket School Online.
Take the course online at Ticket School Online for a fee of $35.

Agency Specific Training NEW FEE schedule beginning July 1, 2017

  • Firing Range:  Flat rate fee of $25.00 per person during normal business hours M‐F (8am‐5pm) (No hour minimum, 4 person minimum)
  • Firing Range:  After hour rate, $25.00 per person plus $31.78 per hour (5pm‐10pm)
  • Driving Range:  $10.00 per hour per person, 1 hour minimum, 4 person minimum 
  • Shoot House:  $10.00 per hour per person, 1 hour minimum, 4 person minimum
  • Defensive Tactics Mat room:  $10.00 per hour per person, 1 hour minimum, 4 person minimum-must pay for a minimum of 4 students 
  • Driving Pad Cone set up:  $50.00

View the full pricing and policy here.

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