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The Allstate Center at St. Petersburg College is the home of the Southeastern Public Safety Institute, specializing in training and education for those preparing to enter a public safety profession, in-service practitioners, and administrators.

Criminal Justice In-Service Programs

The SEPSI Inservice Program features advanced and specialized training opportunities for criminal justice professionals.

Career development training is offered to law enforcement, corrections, and career support staff at the local, state, and federal level.

Top-rate instructors are chosen based on subject matter expertise, advanced knowledge and experience in specialized areas.

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Upcoming training for Law Enforcement

Crime Scene Digital Photography course - April 15-16, 2014 for $75.. This course is designed for both active crime scene investigators and those wanting to enter the criminal justice field. This course will enhance your ability to use digital photography in documenting a crime scene. Students will be exposed to photography software and how to archive, secure and enhance a photograph.

Strategies for Off-Duty Encounters - May 12-13, 2014 for $199. This 18 hour course is designed for all sworn police officers, state attorneys, corrections officers, and sworn command staff memberswho carry off-duty firearms. The course is lecture and scenario based and is designed to better prepare the attendee for an off-duty encounter.

Social Network Investigations - June 16, 2014 for $99. Those who use social network sites can fall prey to criminal activity. Social network sites are home to criminal organizations, fraud and violent crime. This seminar will cover how to investigate crimes originating from social network sites. Students will be given resources to aid in their investigations.

Our Instructor Courses prepare you to be an CJSTC certified General and/or High Liability instructor.
Join us as we offer FDLE course curriculum and proficieny testing to advance your career.

CMS Firearms Instructor Course, September 22-26, 2014

CMS Vehicle Operations Instructor Course, December 15-19, 2014

We also offer these other classes.

Retired Officers qualification classes for H.R. 218 at SPC indoor Range

Judicial Process Server Refresher Registration May 12, 2014

Parking Enforcement Specialist Registration May 19-20, 2014


SEPSI Policy regarding Agency reservations for Advanced Specialized Training

The Southeastern Public Safety Institute allows agencies to reserve seating in training classes in advance of the training. Frequently, agencies fail to send their personnel to the training and fail to cancel the seats in a timely manner. This situation creates two problems:
1) Where there is a waiting list for training, the reserved seats go unused; and
2) when enrollment falls below the anticipated minimum number of students needed to pay for the training, this causes a financial loss to St. Petersburg College.
SEPSI In-service Training Advisory Committee voted unanimously to approve allowing SEPSI In-service Program to warn in writing, or charge agencies that failed to either use reserved seating or cancel the reserved seating in a timely manner. View the full policy here.

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