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FTRI Regional Distribution Center Report Training


Applied Information Management System (AIMS): An FTRI customized program designed to allow for efficient management of information in the client database.  Each client wishing to qualify for FTRI services should first be checked through AIMS to ensure accuracy of client information as well as to prevent internal duplication.  RDCs conducting off-site distribution should still check AIMS prior to distributing equipment to clients. 

Audible Ring Signaler (ARS): This equipment is an auxiliary ringer that can be used in another room to alert a person who is hard of hearing that the telephone is ringing.  The tone and volume are adjustable.  There are two (2) different models available for distribution. 


Captioned Telephone: This captioned telephone, also known as the CapTel, is an enhanced VCO.  This specialized telephone allows individuals to both listen and read incoming messages.  Messages are relayed via the use of a special CapTel operator that repeats the verbal messages into a computer using voice-recognition software that converts them to text.  A person must have intelligible speech to benefit from this telephone.  Supply for this telephone is limited and clients requesting this telephone may be required to be placed on a waiting list.


Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI): A private not-for-profit corporation that oversees the administration of a statewide specialized telecommunications equipment distribution program that provides communication access to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, and speech-impaired residents of Florida. 


In-Line Amplifier (ILA): The ILA attaches to the handset, allowing amplification of up to 30db with a boost button for an additional 10db.  This equipment is available for hard of hearing clients who wish to keep their own standard telephone.  There are two (2) different models for distribution.


Regional Distribution Center (RDC): Established to assist FTRI in the statewide distribution of specialized telecommunication equipment.  The RDC recognizes that FTRI has been entrusted with the responsibility of administering the equipment distribution program and purchasing equipment and services on behalf of the eligible residents of Florida.


Text Teletypewriter (TTY) or Telecommunication Device for the Deaf: A portable communication device that operates like a typewriter.  For persons who are deaf or have a permanent hearing loss and who are unable to discern speech sounds during a telephone conversation with or without the assistance of amplification devices. A user can send and receive typewritten messages to and from other TTYs and via the relay service.  There are four (4) different models available for distribution. 


Visual Ring Signaler: This equipment connects to a light source (a lamp) and makes the light flash when the telephone rings.  The visual ringer is available for people who are deaf or have a severe hearing impairment such that they would not be able to hear the ARS.  There are two (2) different models available for distribution.

Voice Carry Over (VCO)/Hearing Carry Over (HCO) TTY/Telephone: This telephone can be used as a standard telephone, TTY, VCO or HCO.  A person who can hear but has speech impairment benefits from this equipment by listening to the caller and typing a reply.

Voice Carry Over Telephone: This telephone has the ability to receive typed messages through a relay service.  The person may verbally reply to the caller.  The unit is designed for people who have a severe hearing loss with intelligible speech.

Volume Control Phone for Hearing-Impaired: This telephone makes incoming speech clearer and louder with amplification, and is for distribution to persons with a permanent hearing loss that is severe enough to necessitate the use of amplification devices to discern speech sounds during a telephone conversation.  There are four (4) different models available for distribution.

Volume Control Phone for Speech-Impaired: This telephone amplifies outgoing speech.