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FTRI Regional Distribution Center Report Training
Course Introduction

RDC History

The Regional Distribution Center (RDC) was established to assist FTRI in the statewide distribution of specialized telecommunication equipment. The RDC recognizes that FTRI has been entrusted with the responsibility of administering the equipment distribution program and purchasing equipment and services on behalf of the eligible residents of Florida.

FTRI has entered into a contractual agreement with the RDC whereby the RDC is a vendor of services and FTRI is the customer of the stipulated services. As such, in accordance with the contractual agreement, the RDC agrees to provide services to FTRI and its clients, who are the end-users of the specialized telecommunication equipment.

FTRI personnel visit RDC sites periodically. During any site visit, with or without prior notification, FTRI reserves the right to observe outreach activities and conduct a general audit of equipment inventory, distribution, and training.

It is FTRI’s aspiration to meet the needs of all eligible residents within the guidelines of legislation and to administer the equipment distribution program in a professional manner while sustaining a reputable association with the RDC for the provision of rendering quality services to its clientele.


RDC staff giving client equipment